3-Month Test Offer

3-Month Test Offer

If you have taken all possible hygiene measures within your risk area and are still confronted by patient colonisations with undesirable bacteria of all kinds on a continual or occasional basis, you may find that these infections are caused by sink drains under washbasins in the wet cell or under sinks on your wards.  The formation of aerosols, which is triggered by washbasin use, results in pathogens emerging from the sealing liquid in the sink drains and being transferred to immunocompromised patients either directly or via nursing staff.

To clarify this, we initially recommend examining the suspicious sink drains (by taking swabs from the basin’s drain or extracting sealing liquid from the sink drain) and subsequently testing the results for the bacteria in question.
In the event that you succeed in tracing the problem bacteria to a sink drain, we can provide you with a fast, highly efficient solution.

Testing device beneath a washing basin    Emission measurement

Because the elimination of infectious aerosols is a new field of activity in the technical hygiene sector, we offer our clients the opportunity to test our devices for a three-month period before purchase.
For this purpose, we initially replace the critical sink drains with our BIOREC disinfection devices, after carrying out an additional thorough chemical-physical disinfection of the washbasin, sink or shower tray in question and its immediate vicinity (floor drain in the wet cell, toilet bowl).

Thereafter, our clients will be able to monitor their patient colonisation levels over the three-month test period, ascertain whether BIOREC disinfection devices provide a long-term solution to their problems, and subsequently make a purchase decision.
(Please also see Case report no. 1)

We therefore invite you to test our devices and look forward to hear from you via our contact form.

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