Clinical Test in an Intensive Care Unit

Clinical Test in an Intensive Care Unit

This type of test was carried out at the Bischofswerda clinic over a period of several months.

After complete replacing the sink drains under washbasins by the BIOREC disinfection system , the following patient colonisation with gramnegative waterborne bacteria (Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Acinetobacter) were observed:

Use of the BIOREC disinfection device resulted in a drastic reduction in patient colonisation within a period of 8 weeks (pathogen detection in tracheal secretions).

Relating the number of pathogens detected each month to the number of patients per month results in the colonisation rates (incident rates of patient colonisation). The blue arrow indicates the time point of installation of BIOREC disinfection devices.

It is seen that the colonisation of patients by water born bacteria has been strongly reduced by this method.

The test results demonstrated that the continuous disinfection of sink drains with the BIOREC disinfection device results in a significant reduction in the rate of colonization (percetage of patients colonized by the water born species).

This may not be the case in all intensive care units in general, because ther are a lot of different conditions.  However, it is certainly worth testing the continuous disinfection of sink drains on wards where problematic pathogens develop persistently in patients despite the ultra-meticulous implementation of all hygiene measures (hand disinfection).

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