BIOREC Products and Services

BIOREC Products

BIOREC Dr.SCHLUTTIG developes and produces innovative technical solutions for the clinical water safety and sanitary disinfection.

The BIOREC Medical Hygiene Siphon is a device used for the fully-automatic, continuous physical cleaning and disinfection of sink drains beneath washbasins and sinks, bathing and birthing tubs and shower trays.

The BIOREC Medical Hygiene Water Workstation (clinical hygiene washing area) is a technical unit used for the terminal sterile filtration of drinking water and the fully-automatic, continuous physical disinfection of siphons at a water workstation, designed to guarantee a maximum level of clinical water safety.

The BIOREC Floor Drain Disinfection combines the technical and hygienic decontamination of floor drains with the use of equipment designed to disinfect these drains via UV irradiation.

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