Disinfection Service and Consultancy

Service and Consultancy

BIOREC Service
Complete service provision regarding the BIOREC Medical Hygiene Siphon and the Medical Hygiene Water Workstation, including planning, delivery, start-up, maintenance and emergency call-out services. Cleaning, coating and UV disinfection of sanitary equipment ( basins, siphons)  (...more)

BIOREC Consultancy:
In addition to the clarification of technical questions, BIOREC’s consultancy services include the microbiological and epidemiological evaluation of the relevance of sink drains and drinking water extraction points as open, actively emitting pathogen reservoirs via emission measurements.

Our consultancy services aim to determine whether the hygiene measures offered by BIOREC would be hygienically and economically effective in concrete clinical situations, this via on-site examinations of the wards in question. (...more)

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