Since 2012 production and distribution of Disinfecting Devices for sink
drains (MoveoSiphon ST24) are executed by company Moveomed GmbH. For further
information and contacts please visit www.moveomed.de




BIOREC DR.SCHLUTTIG is seeking an US-partner for a long-term cooperation. The basis for a collaboration could be as follows:


Acquisition of the legal basis for any actions in the USA by purchasing the US Patent No. 666,666,966 including the right of first refusal for all current and future patents and products for clinical sanitary safety. A detailed offer will be prepared on request.


In order to enable a fast introduction of the device, delivery of

UL-certified devices from Germany is possible until production in

The United States becomes commercially feasible.


If desired, active support by BIOREC Dr.SCHLUTTIG in clinical

testing and marketing will be contractually guaranteed.


For more information about the US market and the patent situation

please visit our website (under construction until June, 27th):  






10 years of clinical investigations and testing show very impressive:

1. Aerosols from sink drains are very important, but mostly strongly underestimated sources of nosocomial infections in hospitals.

2. Elimination of sink drains as sources of infectious aerosols by continuously physical disinfection leads to very efficient reductions of colonization of patients and nosocomial infections. 

Based on our longtime experiences in the field of hygiene of pharmaceutical production processes we know exactly: Aerosols containing microorganisms (so called "bioaerosols") are very important and dangerous sources of expensive product-contaminations. Therefore, since many decades the prevention of the formation of bioaerosols in sensitive industrial processes is of highest importance.

The reason, why bioaerosols are especially dangerous is that mostly you can not see or feel them. Therefore the importance for elemination of these microbial contaminations from sink drains is not so well known in hospitals until now. 

Therefore our mission is to bring this important information and the technical solution of the problem to all them who are responsible for hygiene in hospitals and who protect especially immonucompromized patients against periluos nosocomial infections. 

BIOREC Dr.SCHLUTTIG is specialized in the development of disinfection equipment designed to eliminate infectious aerosols in clinical sanitary areas. 

Modell of the BIOREC-Device

Please consult our brochure for further details. (brochure download)

Our disinfection device for sink drains, the "BIOREC Medical Hygiene Siphon", prevents the formation of infectious aerosols during the use of washbasins, sinks, shower trays, bathing and birthing tubs by continuos desinfection of the siphons by eliminating these sources of pathogens.

You have to know that sink drain traps (siphon) are the major source of pathogens outside the human body in the patients environment !

The disinfection device is designed for use in the following clinical risk areas responsible for seriously immunocomprimised patients.

Intensive Care Units



Haematological Oncology

Bone Marrow Transplantation Units

Organ Transplantation Centres

Large Area Burn Centres


The device was continuously developed since 1997 and has passed several clinical tests extraordinary successfully.

All clinical studies demonstrated that completely eliminating the development of infectious aerosols in sink drains is an extremely effective tool as regards both a reduction in patient colonising with nosocomial pathogens and a subsequent avoidance of nosocomial infections.

It has been shown that the persistence of highly-resistant pathogens can be protected completely.

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